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    My passion is intelligence.
    I love making things that can reason and enable who and what is not.
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    Meet the little,
    talking robot...

WHO I am

I love learning as much as I love knowing, hence I learn all the time.
  • I am an engineer and entrepreneur in the field of robotics and AI.

  • I have a master's degree in computer science. My thesis was a model for a software system which could verify the trustworthiness of the textual news on the Internet. Check it out in the researches section.

  • My love for machine learning started when I was working on my master's degree, trying to find a way for online users to verify the information they read online. When I failed to desing an algorithm which could understand the relationship between the pieces of the text, I turned to machine learning and it truly saved the day. Since then I have continued my research in the field, mainly on the natural language processing problems.

  • I know a thing or two when it comes to machine learning alogrithms. I am still learning everyday.

  • My passion for intelligence has led me to found an AI and Robotics start up called Autonopia with the aim of enabling and empowering using autonomy and intelligence.

Here is a bi-product of my early exploration in the machine learning world. Simple starter kit for regression..

I would love to hear your feedback, and if you think you can make it better, let's...

Check it out on Git

My Research

WIth a focus on machine learning
  • An Online Real-time News Verification Model to Measure Textual Trustworthiness Using Semantic Comparison
    Keywords: Natural Language Processing, Semantic Similarity Detection, Keyword extraction, News, Information verification

Learn more about Autonopia and our first product, HŌMĀN (Autonomous Facade Cleaning) robot.

Please feel free to get in touch if you have any inquires or if you are interested in the project.


And my Résumé

An engineer, an ENTREPRENEUR
What I know and do


I have led various 0 to 1 projects in collaboration with amazing talents in more than 15 countires. My focus has been mainly on Fintech and Robotics domains.


There is no silver bullet, however, currently Microservices architecture works great in most medium and large systems. The problem is, a lot of times, engineers misunderstand the concept of microservices. The purpose is to divide what does not belong together, to be able to deal with them separately, however, often engineers and architects fail to get this balance right. I have spent quite a lot of time reading, analyzing and practicing what works best for the platform we have been building Level01.io.


It never stops. I actively code in C#, C++, Node, Python, and I lead teams of programmers who code in younger languages like Solidity.


I am currently very much in love with Dockerized servies on Kubernetes and all that it comes with; Istio, etc.

Machine Learning


I am familiar with linear, logistic and vectorized logistic regression. You can checkout my implementations from here.

Deep learning

I allocate most of my learning time to deep learning. I understand the mechanics of backprop and have made a number of POC projects working mostly with feedforward nets. Currently I am focusing on RNN, LSTM, averging the models and expert models.

Stochastic Gradient Descent

I have challenged it with large datasets I generated by preprocessing google n-grams, and as a result, this code is produced. It is quite handy when data is large, messy or scattered physically.

Boltzmann machines, HTM


Frameworks I use

Tensorflow, nltk, openCV


Robotics and AI to enable and empower. A short and simple vision "Enable & Empower". The startup is in its early stages. The first product of the company is called HŌMĀN (Autonomous Facade Cleaning Robot). Please visit "Autonopia's website for further updates and news about the project and the company. We will be able to release more details about the product in the near future.

Level01 Detivatives Exchange Platform

Filling the gaps in the current market: Lack of transparency and intermediaries. Level01 platform enables traders to deal directly with one another with absolutely no intermediary involved in the trade. Trada happens between the users, directly from one's blockchain wallet to another. The trade is settled on the blockchain via smart contracts, so it is 100% transparent and fair. This experience is enriched with an AI backed fair pricing system which assists the traders in pricing their contracts based on the real-time market data which is not accessible to normal traders.
An interesting and challenging fusion of deep learning (lots of it), blockchain and high troughput services and engines is what Level01 is all about. Another amazing characteristic of this startup is that is being built by teams across 6 countries, in 3 different timezones and the work moves ahead smoothly, even better by taking advantage of the availability of the members over the clock. We worked really hard on cherry picking the members which yielded a small, but highly productive team.

And here is the link to the code I made for a simple talking robot. There is nothing fancy, just a starter with RaspberryPi3.

I would love to hear your feedback, and if you think you can make it better, let's...

Check it out on Git

Let's get in touch

Write me a line or two, and I promise to write back shortly.
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